The Experience

How to Prepare for a Boudoir Photo Shoot LA

From the moment you book your session to the moment you walk out with your images our focus is all on you, We understand the nerves that go along with this type of photography, so rest assured that by your shoot day, you’ll be ready to rock out in front of the camera.

While planning your boudoir photo shoot LA session, we’ll provide all the resources you need to be ready and guide you through wardrobe selection to choose outfits that flatter your specific body.

Once you arrive at the studio on the day of your shoot our team of professional Hair and makeup stylists will pamper you as they create the perfect look for you. Once you are all glammed up it’s time for you to shine! Worried you’re not a model? Don’t be! We’ll direct you down to your fingertips and coach you throughout the shoot.

Finally, when you return for your image reveal we want to leave you speechless! You’ll view your images for the first time on the big screen before picking your favorites to display as a beautiful piece of wall art or a more discrete luxury album.


The right photographer is an integral part of the experience. A great photographer may

not mean that you can be a suitable fit for one another. These consultations via Zoom,

phone, or in-person can determine our compatibility.

I will walk you through the process of the session, how to prepare for a boudoir photo shoot in LA and answer all your lingering questions. This is the part where you can also ask me all the questions you have in mind. There are no right or wrong questions. All questions are valid and part of our conversation to ensure a successful session.

Each client that I take upon is significant to us. They could choose us, and the same

goes as we don't take all the people who seek our services. Thus, we can provide 100%

of our efforts to them, knowing that they will love their photos and appreciate the work

we do.

I have photographing women of all beauty, and each of them has a story and strength.

Each one came to us because they want to feel confident or see themselves, not what

they see in the mirror every day but the beauty beyond the sense of sight. It's the feeling



Weeks before your session, we will plan to have a successful boudoir experience. We

will go over your wardrobe, your hair and make-up, and your mood-board.

Your wardrobe does not have to be lingerie. It does not have to be a two-piece bathing

suit. There are other ways to go about the photoshoot. This will be based on your idea

and what we can come up with during our planning stage.

Your hair and make-up style will also determine what type of shoot you may want to do;

however, we can answer your hair and make-up questions along the way as we will

have our experts address them.

We will go over your mood-board, which has the inspiration for what we can use for the


Hair and Make-Up

We only work with professional hair and make-up artists, and we have worked with Yuya in Los Angeles, Sheryll in Los Angeles, Alexis in Las Vegas and Meg in Las Vegas for quite some time


They are phenomenal artists, and they are the people I trust to pamper you on your

Boudoir Session. However, due to some schedule conflicts that may happen, we can

also tap into our artists' network and help you achieve your look.

Fun and clean? Sensual and Seductive? Dramatic and strong? They can help you with


Hair and Make-Up

Wardrobe Styling

The Day

Our day typically lasts for 3-4 hours, and that includes the pampering with your hair and

make-up stylist. The styling can go longer as some styles are more time consuming to


I love taking time to create the photos that you will cherish and not rush to get the session

done because of some schedule that we have to adhere to. My goal is to capture the

best in you, something you will be proud of after your boudoir photo shoot. After all, these are photos that you will cherish for a lifetime. This is not a session that needs to get done hurriedly - it's for you to enjoy yourself.

Art Directing

If you are shy and are worried about posing or continually thinking of how you will look

in front of the camera, don't worry. I got you! I've done hundreds of boudoir photo shoot LA sessions, so you can be sure that you're in good hands.

I have spent countless hours perfecting this craft. I will have you out the door feeling like

a supermodel, and you'll be able to apply the technique that I will show you.

Many of my clients are amazed at how I can teach them how to look more flattering in

front of the camera when I am a man. Yes, I am a guy, so I know what needs to be

flaunted and what needs to be done to show the best version of you.

It is crucial to choose your photographer who knows how to show you the ropes on how

to look and feel better on camera than just letting you do what you want because a

photographer is lazy to learn how to direct.

Photo Revelation

My favorite part of the experience when you get to see the hard work you and I put

through for your boudoir session. You will see how beautiful you are and be able to

reminisce on one of the best days of your life.

We can do an in-person or virtual reveal, and I highly suggest you set aside 60 minutes

of your time to appreciate every photo that we took of you.

We will go through the photos that we have carefully crafted for you; then, we will focus

on your favorites and curate the images that will go on prints that you will proudly

display on your wall and your bedside album.

We will show you samples of our hand-crafted books, matted prints, and exceptional

canvas collections.


It can take 15 days to get the products back after the ordering process. We can have an

unboxing experience in our boudoir photography studio in Los Angeles.

I hope that this will be a life changing experience for you. The time is now. Tomorrow is

for you to cherish this moment for life!

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