The Sound Of Silence

As a photographer myself, I feel that both photography and music provide abstract emotions, which is a unique mixture from one theme to another. Not only is music important as a source of inspiration, but it is also important that this concept should be incorporated into the pictures as well.

Due to the intimacy of the setup, personally, it is a must that I connect with clients to help them feel more comfortable. This is very, very crucial both before and during the session.

An easygoing, free-flowing communication before the shoot definitely helps me to get to know the client better and be aware of any insecurities they might have going into the session.

During the shoot, the last thing I want for my client is to feel awkward leading to uncomfortable silence as I am taking photos of someone that’s half-bare in front of me, so my sessions are a whole lot easier and helpful with some easy questions to ask.

Music, or no music?

Before the shoot, I ask your client what their favorite type of music is (along with a few favorite songs, it’ll be great if you have a favorite Spotify playlist), and from there I create a personalized playlist for them based on their preferences.

Music can give you a wide array of emotions and playing tunes my client loves is an excellent way to make them feel relaxed and comfortable during the session.

I also find that it is really easy to ask my client to dance as certain songs play, allowing me to capture some fun candids.

That, for me, is such an easy feat when it comes to photographing sessions with my clients.

It is evoking a primal response from them with certain favorite tunes… thus giving me the best I can when capturing those moments.