Power Of Print

Pictures live on years and years after they’re taken. Anyone born before the year 1995 will definitely have a fond memory or so of what life was once, on a film camera, and the excruciating waiting time until the images were finally printed to see what was captured.

Going to the photo processing shop was just a normal occurrence and photo albums were excitedly filled with plenty of the events past… and anything else one’s heart desired.

While it may all seem that the process may take hours to wait, it is the tactile feeling of having to hold the printed images that touches the hearts of many; myself included.

Printed Photos vs Digital Photos

In the era of digital photos, prints are still very much a thing. As a photographer, I will admit to loving the point and shoot using a 35mm camera, as well as the whole process of developing photographs in the darkroom however tedious these could be.

Despite the obvious decline in the use of film photography in favor of digital print, I still enjoy using the format for various reasons.

Many people simply do not feel at ease until they have their photos printed. So, is it really necessary to have photos printed though? Yes, and many of my clients in fact prefer to have printed copies of their session.

Whether many people prefer the unpredictable nature of the images, the sometimes nostalgic and hazy aesthetic, or even that beautiful saturation of hues, there are plenty of reasons why printed
photographs remain a preference by many of my clients.

Life captured in still motion together with time, mood, and varying degrees of hues in your photographs meant to be enjoyed and fawned upon by your family and loved ones in many years to come.

That, exactly, is the power of print.

When we place the blending of aesthetics and nostalgia in one photo, one very important argument remains: printed photographs, when preserved properly, will stand the test of time.