Make-up Tips From The Makeup Artists And Hairstylist

Makeup and Hairstyle For Your Boudoir Session
As a Boudoir photographer, I found that I wanted my clients to get their makeup done, but not because they were plain-looking or “needed” it, but rather because it is such a great experience to have a makeup artist paint you according to the essence of your personality – which the camera will have to capture.

One of the best secrets to a successful photograph is lighting. When you’re fully made up for your session, light affects your appearance that gives your photos a rather sensual, feminine, and yet dramatic glow in them.

Getting ready for your boudoir session will involve you and your personal preference
As a photographer, my job is to work with light and I can tell you that natural light will, by default, wash a person out while shooting with studio light; along with highlighting each and every bit and angle, to amplify the parts of you that convey your story.

While it isn’t exactly a requirement for you to use fake eyelashes (unless you want to) and don a deep, smoky eye, it would be helpful to note that getting your makeup and hair done is quite beneficial to your images to enhance your eyes with something as simple as having a bit of eyeliner and mascara.

All in all, it comes down to a comfort level. Depending on the type of session you are doing, the amount of makeup will vary, but ultimately your input matters too in how you look.

I believe every woman is beautiful and you should look like YOU in the images.

But from experience, I also know that lighting, whether studio light or the sun, can really wash away the contrast of the face. Expert make-up accents the contours of your face, so that in photos your facial lines look striking, not washed out.

And one more little postscript concerning something I am quite passionate about: many women don’t like the way they look in photos. Please do not let this keep you from having your pictures made.

And don’t put it off.