How To Choose Your Wardrobe

Most of the time I receive this question, and I wanted to share how I usually answer for my clients:

“What should I wear for our upcoming photoshoot?”

I feel strongly about two issues when it comes to how to dress for an upcoming photo shoot.

First, I believe in not getting carried away in the “look” of it all. As the subject of the photo, naturally, you think, “oh, I want to look my best for our shoot” and “I want my outfits to coordinate.”

That is, of course, at the top of everyone’s list, and for a good reason. The problem comes when a well-meaning subject strays from the natural look and ventures into uncharted waters.

The bottom line is to let your clothes reflect you and your personality… And let yourself relax and be comfortable in your own skin as much as possible!

For many of my clients, this is their first boudoir session.

Starting the session by asking to strip down to underwear could be extremely nerve-wracking! My goal is to make you feel comfortable and confident, so I try starting the shoot by having you wear your least revealing piece of lingerie.

This gives you time to warm up and me getting to know you a little bit, and you become comfortable showing some skin.

I use this time to teach them some basic poses that might be used throughout the session, rather than trying to explain complex poses while they have little to nothing on.

While capturing full-body photos of women is great when taking boudoir photos, I carefully take time to capture the details; having these detailed shots can help me tell a more complete, honest, and robust story for your album.

From intricate lace detailing, to a bra strap falling off your shoulder, to you slowly taking off a piece of clothing, these are all images that can put an important focus on the mysterious
side of being feminine other than your face.

Taking detailed photos is another way to get you feeling more comfortable in front of the camera because you don’t have to worry about your face in the frame.

Also, don’t underestimate accessories. Shoes, jewelry, hair things, they all add a touch of character to the photos. A picture is about so much more than outfits and hairstyles; it’s about  remembering a phase of your life that you will never live ever again.

SO get those pictures taken and be proud of the person you see in them when you get the proofs back!