7 Tips For Your Boudoir Photography Session

Boudoir photography is all about YOU.

That said, it’s usually not recommended that you make a lot of changes about yourself before the shoot.

Might I remind you that if you are doing a boudoir session for your significant other, the lovely, sensual images of you are for someone who loves you for who you are.

Personally, I steer clear from making a series of photographs of my client that look nothing like her.

Here’s what I usually suggest to my clients before the shoot.


  1. If your significant other loves your hair be it short or long, please keep it that way. Like I said, making changes before the session isn’t recommended. But, if you do want to get a haircut, you’ll want to have it done before the day of shooting.


  1. Having a tan is great, but your photos would look more than amazing. I’d like that your skin should look at how it would normally look especially when lighting is used.


  1. These physical attributes besides, there is still one big issue left: clothing. Your clothing, other than you, is the most important thing to consider before your pictures are taken. Take the time to consider exactly how you want to look, how modest or revealing or you want to be, and the projection you want in exactly what outfit. Avoid those skinny tight jeans, watch, bra, socks, belt, and all that could leave an impression on your skin if you are going to wear that breath-taking negligée. You may want to feel comfortable and relaxed as the tight-fitting clothes may confine you.


  1. If you can bring other extra outfits will save us from looking for a replacement last minute if there will be any wardrobe malfunction. Do spend time trying them on as testing your outfits will help you imagine your boudoir session with us. The outfits that you have not worn for several months may not be a good fit for your vision after all. If you don’t have the look that you are looking for in your closet, then, this will be a great time for a good excuse to shop!


  1. Women have a monthly visitor and this may not be a good time to schedule your boudoir session. We don’t want your monthlies to ruin your fun time because you feel crabby and you are suffering bad cramps or you feel bloated. You can schedule it a week after your period when you are feeling your best again. Your boudoir photos will look better with nothing to worry about.


  1. Drink a lot of fluids a few days before your scheduled session. Water is the best way to keep your skin looking hydrated and younger. You can shy away from your favorite salty snacks and alcoholic beverages a few days before as they can make your skin look unhealthy.


  1. Lastly, relax, and have a great night’s sleep before. Come your shoot day, you’ll feel energized and ready to conquer the inner you.


All this will be sharing the spotlight with you, so make sure that you’re fully confident and happy with it.