Preparing for Motherhood: Things to Look Forward To

January 24, 2023

Preparing for Motherhood: Things to Look Forward To

Congratulations! You are finally becoming a mother. If it’s your second or third time, you may have already gotten the hang of it, but for first-time moms, the journey may feel daunting. No worries, though, because preparing for motherhood can be easier when you know what to expect.

Below are some things to look forward to when becoming a mom:

A lot of sleepless nights

The work doesn’t stop after you give birth; that’s where it begins. Once you go home with your baby, expect to spend most of your time changing diapers, preparing milk formulas, giving baths, and doing additional cleaning, among other tasks. If your baby cries in the middle of the night, you also have to get up (no matter how tired you are) to rock your child back to sleep. As exhausting as it sounds, it is not a bad thing. It will make you realize how much you can do. And yup, supermoms are called supermoms for a reason.

Physical changes in your body

Physical changes in the body are inevitable after labor. Aside from stretch marks, you may gain or lose weight, get scars, and even feel your skin sag. If you’re the conscious type, these changes might affect your confidence, but do know that it’s normal. While you cannot control that, you can always control your response to those changes. You can start an exercise routine, create a diet that suits your needs, and love the new you.

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A sense of purpose in being a woman

One of the best things you can look forward to as a mother is having a greater sense of purpose in your womanhood. When you become a mom, you not only serve as the light of the home. You also become your child’s first hero, role model, and basis of standards. There is a greater responsibility to lead by example and build a loving environment, knowing that what you do will form part of your little one’s childhood.

Feel like you still need a bit more help?

If you want to have conversations with women in the same stage as you are, you can join online groups where you can interact with other moms who’d be happy to give advice. Not only will it expand your network, but it can also be good for you psychologically; it can help you navigate through motherhood feeling supported.

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