Hey there, fabulous friends! I'm beyond excited and deeply honored to share this momentous milestone with all of you. Can you believe it's been three years since I launched my boudoir photography business? It feels like just yesterday.

Always remember that you’re fabulous and you’re worth it.

Boudoir Photography is all about you: your beauty, your soul, and your inner goddess; captured. It’s all about feeling empowered and embracing your best self.

When you allow yourself to express your emotions, you experience the best time of your life.

Hi, I am Adrian Ong a Los Angeles Boudoir Photographer. I have seen tears of joy and pain. I have heard stories that broke my heart....

As a female, you may have apprehensions about booking me, a male boudoir photographer, for my services. That’s perfectly understandable. My gender should not be a determining factor in my ability as a photographer. I assure you that I do what I do for the love of it. I can’t change the fact that I’m a man, but if it's any consolation, I’m also a husband and a father to an adorable son. My family is the reason why I’m doing this. They're my inspiration to work hard, and without them, I'll never be here. My wife, of course, has been 100% supportive, even before I launched the business. She believes in my vision to help women gain the confidence they need to succeed in life.

Scarlett Boudoir Studio was inspired by the story of a friend who once lost herself because of her past. Moved by this image, it has become my goal as a boudoir photographer to help women regain their power, starting with getting their confidence back. No woman should feel trapped in the past because life is short.

After what happened to us these past few years and our circumstances with the pandemic, almost everything is uncertain. We don't know how long we'll be with our loved ones or if we'd still be able to celebrate our wins and gains with them. From this moment on, if you give me the honor of getting your trust, I can make you see a better version of yourself after you book a session.If you'd like to participate, fill out the form at the bottom, specifying your budget and the number of months for payments. Back then, I never could have imagined that it would evolve into what it is today, complete with a fantastic team of seven incredible individuals, all working tirelessly to empower as many women as we can. I'm overflowing with gratitude for every like, share, comment, sale, session, and all the wonderful souls I've had the privilege of meeting over the last eight years. You've been a part of this incredible journey, and for that, I want to give back to as many of you as I can!

Boudoir photography isn't just about capturing stunning images; it's about self-love and self-expression. I understand that different life seasons come with various budgets, and not everyone can afford the traditional $3000-$4000 self-love day. That's why I'm thrilled to introduce the "Budget Friendly - Boudie Call."

We welcome past clients, new clients, males, couples - everyone! Applications close on Nov 15th, and we'll contact everyone by the end of November.

The Experience

Awaken your soul and get the best boudoir experience.
Let us capture breathtaking images of yourself.

We promise to do our magic and immortalize your dream photoshoot.

When was the last time you invested in an experience of self-love and empowerment?

This experience is for everyone, you are welcome here.







It’s your time to shine! Time can fly pretty fast once the cameras start flashing. Rest assured that we are experienced in capturing the best version of you. After the shoot, we can start going over your photos so you can choose which ones you’d like to order.

If you’re not sure how to pose, no worries because part of the experience includes coaching and guidance.

Let's set a preferred time and date for your boudoir photoshoot session.


📷 What is boudoir? If you're wondering what boudoir means, it's all about celebrating your sensuality and confidence. It's not just about sexy outfits; it's a confidence booster, and you can wear whatever makes you feel great. We want to capture your unique beauty.

📷 What's required of me? You just need to show up. We'll take care of the rest, including coaching and hair and make-up styling. You can arrive with your own favorite wardrobe or choose from our closet.

📷 What if I'm unhappy with my body? You are beautiful as you are, and you don't need to fit any mold. There's no one definition of beauty, and we welcome women of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. You don't need a reason to book a session; just celebrate yourself.

A few reasons you may consider booking a boudoir session that have nothing to do with your weight: A gift to yourself just because
Before having children
After childbirth
A monumental birthday (30, 40, 50, 60, 70, and even 80!!)
Just because you simply need a boost
Maternity boudoir
For your wedding or anniversary
To show off a new tattoo
As a gift to someone else (birthday, holiday)
So that you can finally see why everyone else keeps telling you that you are beautiful
For your divorce
Something amazing to look back on when you're older
SO NO! You need to come in as you are and celebrate yourself right now

📷 Do I have to get naked for my session? No, you don't have to get completely nude if you're uncomfortable. We'll respect your comfort zone and never pressure you. Your level of nudity is entirely your choice.

📷 Can I keep my photos private? Absolutely! Your images, your choice but allowing us to share your images can and will inspire other women.

📷 Should I go tanning? Avoid new spray tans 4-6 weeks before your session and tanning beds 2-3 weeks before. We want your skin to look its best.

📷 When will I see my images? You can expect a reveal after our session. From there, we can start ordering your favorite photos.

📷 Can I bring a friend? We don't allow onlookers to ensure you're comfortable during your session. You're in a safe space with us.

If all of this sounds fantastic, and we'll be in touch with the next steps. Cheers to celebrating you, just as you are!

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Adrian is an amazing photographer and even more amazing to work with. This was my first boudoir so I was a little nervous at first but he made me feel extremely comfortable and helped me with posing, and  by the end I was having a great time and so much fun. Would definitely recommend if you're looking for someone who takes great photos and have a ton of fun with!

Tristin B.

Madison H.

Absolutely incredible experience! Great way to boost your confidence and feel like a secure queen! I really really felt this boosted my self esteem and it was in the MOST comfortable environment! Adrian is amazing and I'm so grateful! Will so do again!