What to Expect on your First Boudoir Session

July 5, 2021

You’ve probably seen it- sultry images of women beautifully posing in their lingerie. These are called boudoir photos, intimate photographs that capture one’s sensual beauty and personality. They’re usually shot in a bedroom setting (boudoir is how the French refer to a woman’s private bedroom) and have a romantic nature. Whether you have a shoot coming up or are just curious, here's what you can expect:

It’s going to run smoothly

You might feel nervous and intimidated most especially if it’s your first time, but things are going to run smoothly. For as long as you work with an experienced photographer you know you can trust, there's no need to worry. You’ll get assistance with posing to make sure you understand your flattering angles and know how to work them. Not only that, but the glam team will make sure you stay gorgeous throughout the session as well. You've got a whole team behind you!

It’s going to be all about you

The shoot is going to be all about you; remember that this is the perfect time to let go of all insecurities and embrace your beautiful self in all its glory. You can wear your favorite lingerie, that sexy dress that’s been hiding in your closet, or even a pair of ripped jeans! It’s entirely up to you. Whatever makes you feel the feminine goddess that you are the most.

It’s going to be memorable

Expressing yourself in an intimate environment in front of the camera isn’t something you would normally do everyday, so expect it to be memorable. The photos you’re going to get after your boudoir shoot are going to last a lifetime, and they’re going to empower you to continue being an amazing, fearless woman.

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Adrian Ong is a boudoir photographer catering mostly to clients from Las Vegas and Los Angeles areas.