Best Wedding Gift? Treat your Best Friend to a Boudoir Session!

September 27, 2021

Can’t think of an awesome wedding present for your best friend who’s getting hitched soon? A boudoir session is your best bet! Your girlfriend is sure to love it, here’s why:

It’s a unique gift

The great thing about gifting someone a boudoir shoot session is that you’re giving a gift of experience. It’s not an item that can be discarded later on but rather a moment that can last a lifetime. It’s a present that encourages self-love, self-confidence, and feminine strength (something that a nice dress or an expensive pair of shoes can’t easily give). How often do you hear about treating someone to a boudoir session as a gift?

You can join in the fun!

If your friend doesn’t mind, you and your other girlfriends can also book another session so you can join in the fun and have a bridesmaids boudoir shoot (like a girlfriend thing). Just pick a date, select a theme, then enjoy your beautiful photos after. You’re definitely going to have a great time posing for the camera, and the images would be something nice to look back on with your girls after a few years.

You can encourage the idea of gifting boudoir sessions to others

Wouldn't it be nice to start a trend of giving experiences as gifts instead of items? You can spearhead this! Experiences are meaningful and memorable, so what better way to make your friend happy by giving her something priceless, right?

She is going to LOVE it

And she is going to love you! There’s no explanation needed for this; who wouldn’t want to get excited to have a friend-sponsored boudoir shoot? That is one of the most thoughtful things ever. The bride-to-be is certainly going to be thankful with your wonderful present.

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Adrian Ong is a boudoir photographer catering mostly to clients from Los Angeles and Las Vegas.