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Boudoir Session

Your boudoir session is about focusing on YOU. It is your chance to experience female

empowerment; where you are able to feel as beautiful and amazing as you truly are.

our state of the art photography studio

We're located in San Dimas, CA in Los Angeles County and we travel where the assignment takes us.

Our state-of-the-art studio has a white cyc wall, black wall, and a bedroom set for your session.

Adrian Ong

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Scarlett Boudoir Studio creates magic. Adrian, the photographer has captured the most special moments of my life. I would never hesitate to recommend him and the studio to anyone who wants a true professional to create a customized photography experience. - Ajellie

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What To Expect From Your Photoshoot


What Your Photoshoot Experience Includes

Hair & Makeup

Getting you pampered before your photoshoot allows you to relax and imagine the beautiful day ahead.


We can plan your outfit that you will be comfortable in. You can wear something that you are thrilled about.


We will show you how to look great in front of the camera. We'll find what's the most flattering look for you.

You Are A Work Of Art
This is a memorable day for you and the best way to immortalize the day is to put your images on an album or a wall-art.

Relive Your Day, Everyday


Bou·doir (/ˈbo͞oˌdwär/) photography is mainly intended for the private enjoyment of the subjects and your romantic partner. It is an intimate genre of photography that creates a series of photos that can really, truly, surprise you.

Why? Because you are very much capable of showing your sensuality.

Your individuality.

Your hopes, dreams, and innermost desires.

You will have these photographs that will make your partner see AND feel how powerful a match you really are to him.

Is it possible to be sexy without sacrificing any shred of morality and decency? YES.

Sexiness is subjective. It is all a state of mind and gives you a feeling of empowerment.

Feel it, and see how different you can be.


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